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Content contribution terms and conditions

Contributor terms and conditions

When you submit content to Griffith Archive you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I am the creator (or co-creator) of the content being deposited, it is my original work and I own all copyrights in the content other than those covered by the written permission referred to in clause 2.
  2. I have written permission for the content to be licensed to and used by to Griffith University as outlined in clauses 3-5 from: each co-creator; external sponsor; exclusive licensee; copyright owner or custodian of the content (including any third-party material or data contained in the content); and from anyone whose image or voice is identifiable in the content. I agree to promptly provide those consents to the University on request.
  3. I agree (and/or have written consent where applicable under clause 2) that the content be licensed to Griffith University under a CC BY 4.0 Attribution International licence. I additionally agree that Griffith at its own discretion may apply a more restrictive licence to my work due to privacy and/or other considerations.
  4. I agree (and/or have written consent where applicable under clause 2) that whilst the University will generally make reasonable efforts to attribute, it is at the University’s sole discretion as to whether it attributes the creator/s or copyright owner/s when publishing the content.
  5. I agree (and/or have written consent where applicable under clause 2) that all moral rights in the content be waived in the University’s use of the content. I agree that the University at its own discretion may edit or alter the content to conform with editorial guidelines and/or due to other considerations.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, the content does not contain any defamatory, misleading or deceptive, offensive or other unlawful matter; does not disclose personal information without the written consent of the individual concerned and/or the personal information has been pseudonymised or anonymised; and does not disclose the confidential information of a third party.
  7. The University will use reasonable efforts to make the content publicly available, which it can do by any technological means whether now existing or developed in the future. In most cases, the University is not responsible for any unlawful use of the content by third parties and may elect not to take or defend a legal action.
  8. The content is subject to the University’s take down process set out at Copyright matters and University policies as amended from time-to-time.