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Griffith Archive

Our story - acknowledging our past, celebrating our present, creating our future

About the Griffith Archive

About the Archive

The Griffith Archive is responsible for the archival collection which represents the unique corporate, academic, research, teaching, and social history of Griffith University. This collection focuses predominantly on the corporate history of the University and provides an opportunity for the Griffith community and those outside Griffith to become familiar with our story.

The role and objectives of the Griffith Archive in relation to its archival collection are to:

  • identify, appraise, accession, arrange, describe and manage a unique and wide ranging collection of records, memorabilia and artefacts relating to the Griffith University story.
  • provide a focused virtual and limited physical access to the archive collection for the Griffith community, historians, researchers, visitors and the general public to promote engagement with the Griffith story.
  • interpret and present the archive collection through a range of virtual and physical displays and presentations.
  • support the business and academic activities of Griffith University by providing access to the unique material contained in the Griffith Archive collection.


Targeted existing and new digitised content is progressively being added.