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Griffith University Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (cover image)


A new university for Brisbane

Sir Samuel Griffith in Judges Attire
Audience Attending the Opening Day of Teaching -1975

June 1970

Brisbane has a second university

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30 September 1971

Griffith University officially established in Parliament

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Cover Image - Assent to Griffith University Act 1971

3 January 1972

The University's Foundation Vice Chancellor begins in office

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Professor John Willett Image 6.jpg

October 1970

The main vehicle access point - The Circuit - is established.

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Contribution test.jpg


First four foundation Heads of School (School Chairmen) take up their physical appointments

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Foundation Staff - Senior Management c.1975.jpg

5 March 1975

Ceremony to Commence Teaching

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First day of Teaching Opening Ceremony Parade

1 August 1975

Griffith University co-establishes QTAC

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28 February 1978

First Bachelor's Degree awarded

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Debra Cunningham - First Griffith University Bachelor's Graduate


The first University Medals awarded

Original Griffith Crest/Emblem - Black Background
The Hub - During Construction


The first University Residence are occupied

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Toohey Village Flats


The first University Medals awarded

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University Medal Award Ceremony for John Bekkers

20 September 1982

Griffith University hosts the 1982 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village

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Staff Access Identification Card used at the 1982 Commonwealth games


Foundation Vice Chancellor Professor John Willett resigns from office

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Professor John Willett

May 1984

Griffith at the forefront of Affirmative Action for women

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Seventies Students

3 March 1985

Major changes in University Governance - An era ends and a new one begins

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Bray, Sewell and Webb

21 March 1988

Sir Allan Sewell retires from the Office of Chancellor

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Sir Allan Sewell - Chancellor.

21 March 1988

The Honourable John Macrossan becomes our third Chancellor

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Griffith University's third Chancellor - The Honourable John Macrossan AC

June 1988

The Dawkins Revolution - Griffith braces for sweeping changes to tertiary education

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'Dorkins' Image


The information age

Logan Campus
Inaugural Gold Coast Campus Graduation Ceremony


Australia's most powerful computer is installed at Griffith University

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Griffith staff members (at the time) Dr Rok Sosic (left) and Associate Professor David Abramson with the Supercomputer

21 September 1996

Griffith University turns 25!

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Cover Image - Preparing for the Future (1996)


A new millenium

Queensland College of Art - Art Gallery
Centre for Medicine and Oral Hygiene (Dentistry)

May 2000

17 years of tireless service ends

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Copy of the Citation for The Honourable John Macrossan's 'Doctor of the University' awarded by the Griffith Council in 2001

June 2000

Griffith appoints its first female Chancellor

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Griffith's First Female Chancellor - Ms Leneen Forde

31 December 2001

Professor Roy Webb retires as our Vice Chancellor

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Professor Roy Webb - Our longest serving Vice Chancellor

1 January 2002

Professor Glyn Davis begins as our third Vice Chancellor

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Professor Glyn Davis

31 December 2004

Vice Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis resigns from office

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Professor Glyn Davis

1 January 2005

Professor Ian O'Connor begins as Griffith University's fourth Vice Chancellor

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Professor Ian O'Connor

February 2007

Vice Chancellor is appointed a Smart State Ambassador

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Professor Ian O'Connor


The Griffith story continues

Queensland Conservatorium with Wheel of Brisbane
Griffith Health Centre


Griffith University turns 40 and receives 3 world Top 500 rankings

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Griffith celebrates 40 years since inception - Cover image of offical program

1 July 2013

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre opens

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Sir Samuel Griffith Building (Image 1) - 2013

1 June 2015

Griffith welcomes a new Chancellor

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(From left to right) Current Vice Chancellor Ian O'Connor, current Chancellor Henry Smerdon, and former Chancellor, Leneen Ford