2 August 1935

Llew Edwards - Doctor of the University

Sir Llew Edwards

Sir Llew Edwards was born on the 2nd August 1935 in Ipswich, Queensland. After beginning his working life as an electrician he undertook tertiary studies, graduating from University of Queensland in 1965 with a MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). He is mostly known publicly for his services to Queensland as a politician, the Chairman of Brisbane's World Expo '88, and in 1993 he began his tenure as University of Queensland's twelfth Chancellor - holding this office until February 2009. He was knighted in 1984 for his public and professional services to Queensland. Griffith University made Sir Llew a Doctor of the University in 1994 - a further recognition of his considerable and sustained service to his native state.

Dr Llew Edwards acceptance speech