About this Tour

This tour has been built using Google technologies and is fully intended to be an experimental offering. The tour predominantly uses text, images and digitised video to show the global spread and increasing international influence of our university since our inception and eventual start of teaching in 1975. The tour tells the Griffith Story - so far.

The tour was constructed using Google Tour Builder and can be viewed on this platform as well as using the Google Earth platform. Viewing the tour in Google Earth allows the viewer an opportunity to explore the tour using enhancements including 3D view, street view and 'flying' to global places that are part of our remarkable international journey.

There are some limitations with both of the technological platforms offered by Google. The limits and functionality of the features/tools available to build and present the tour on both platforms means that the standard of public display is not of the high standard the Griffith Archive would normally produce. So the point must be made again that this was an experiment using 'new' technology and the Griffith Archive acknowledges that there are some shortcomings with the public display presented to viewers. No public comment will be made by the Griffith Archive on its perceived limitations of the technology used.

Finally, the Griffith Archive would like to thank the Manager and staff from the Griffith University Library Digital Library Services team for their support and technical advice in developing this tour. Their input has been crucial in getting this project to this final stage.

Tour Links and Additional Information:

View the tour in Google Tour Builder

View the tour in Google Earth

If you have any comments to make about the tour - please email the Griffith Archive.